Web Site Development And Hosting

If you are an individual wishing to start your own blog, or a company wishing to set up a web site from scratch, you’ve come to the right place!

We can develop web sites to suit all needs, which are responsive to not only desktop PCs, but mobile phones and tablets.

We also strive to make our web sites completely accessible, with all links correctly labelled for screen reader access. An example of our work can be seen here:-

The Browns Place

Examples Of Pricing And Levels Of Service

If you just want your web site installed to a host chosen by you, then a simple installation can be for as low a cost as £29.99.

If you then want that site hosted by us, it would be an additional £5.00 per month, or £50 per year. This does not include any type of maintenance of your web site, but see below.

As well as setup and hosting, we can completely develop and maintain your web site, based on your exact requirements. Please contact us for pricing for web development. In addition to developing your web site at a separate cost, we can completely manage it for you, such as applying updates to the web software, uploading images for you, and ongoing work on the site. For this, the cost is £150.00 per year. This also includes three hours of telephone training on how to upload content etc, to your web site.

Finally, we can also provide a domain name for your web site. Please contact us for pricing of domains. Every service that we provide here is entirely optional. We can also host the domain for you, as well as the web site.

Web Site Accessibility Assessments

If you’re an individual or a company with an existing web site, but are wondering how your site ranks in terms of accessibility, then we can help there too. We can assess your web site, and provide you with a report on its accessibility and what, if anything needs fixing. We may also be able to help with fixing those problems too. Please contact us for pricing.