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Miles Says:

“Five-Star Reference: Computer Room Services

Whilst I have for many years been a blind computer user, I have never had any formal training and lacked the confidence to move on from using Office 2003, Windows Seven and JAWS 12.

Steve gave me the encouragement and confidence to move on to Office 365, Windows 10 and JAWS 2020, and also provided me with a custom built new laptop through Computer Room Services, pre-loaded with all the relevant software and ready to go.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the subsequent remote training sessions with Steve, that have not only been at the most competitive cost I could find anywhere, but continue to rapidly build my confidence and ability to use the latest technology and software.

I have been a customer of Computer Room Services for many years now, purchasing specialist kit for the blind, and have always received great personal service and support from Steve and Angie- thank you both!”

Lyn Says:

“A couple of years ago I realised I could no longer put up with my out-dated software and it was high time I had training to use my laptop more efficiently. I was both daunted and excited by the prospect of upgrading my computer and getting more out of it, but I needed to find someone who would be approachable, clear and patient, and yet would encourage me to move forward. Having contacted several companies I chose Computer Room Services.

Since that time Steve has provided me with a custom-built laptop, taught me better ways of navigating the internet, sorted out my braille embosser and, during lockdown, taught me how to use Zoom. He is also a great trouble-shooter. Once when JAWS stopped speaking and others were scratching their heads and saying I may need to unload or upgrade the software, he quickly realised that I had accidentally muted both JAWS and the system and with a couple of keystrokes it was fixed. Another time when I was complaining about the speed of my internet connection and the difficulty it was causing me when taking part in exercise classes on Zoom, he audited my router and improved my download speed from 5 to 22 meg.

I like that his approach is the right balance between professionalism and friendliness – he is a trainer with a heart. He is knowledgeable about all kinds of tech and has helped me with my Apple watch, Sky TV and Braille display. His pricing is fair and he can record training sessions on Zoom for future reference.

I would definitely recommend Computer Room Services and look upon Steve as my go-to person for all things tech.”