Meet The Team

Computer Room Services was founded in 1996 By Steve and Angie.

The Team

  Picture of Steve


Steve is a self-confessed computer geek with touch typing and computer programming training under his belt. As a result of redundancy from a life insurance company in 1996, Computer Room Services was born.

Steve loves gadgets, music, both playing and listening and sound editing and restoration. He is also a proficient Braille reader and transcriber and an Amateur Radio licence holder. Steve is totally blind.

  Picture of Angie


Angie is the brain behind the name. We used to run a Bulletin Board system back in the 90’s called The Computer Room. Angie suggested that we call the company Computer Room Services, because the Bulletin Board System was already known in the blindness community.

Angie is almost completely blind but has some colour vision. Angie loves music, gadgets, reading and is also an Amateur Radio licence holder and Steve’s rock and soulmate.

  Picture of Debbie


Debbie  joined the team at the beginning of April as our personal assistant, she is also known to us as our human ‘guide dog’. Debbie enjoys being with her three active boys, doing lots of activities with them and their family dog.

Mission Statement

As you can see from the team, the people who run the company, Steve and Angie are themselves blind and Debbie is the only person with full sight. All of us at top level being blind or vision impaired is intentional, as we feel we are best placed to meet the needs of the blind and vision impaired customers we strive to serve. This also places us well to test any products we supply. If it doesn’t work for us, then we don’t sell it. It is no use us selling you some whizzy product that you will only pop in a cupboard and never use. We aim to find out what our customers need to improve everyday living and independence.