Audio And Transcription Services


Audio Restoration

Ever had a crackly record, or tape with loads of tape hiss? We can restore these recordings to make them much cleaner. Recordings like this can never be made perfect, but they can often be vastly improved, thanks to computer technology. Even recordings that originate from the computer can often be made cleaner or repaired if they have lots of unwanted noise. Please contact us for pricing, no job too small!


For podcasters, we can edit and tidy your work, including sound restoration and repair. We can also set up and manage, at your option, your RSS feed so that people can subscribe to your podcast, including on iTunes and other podcasting services. If you are the creative type of podcaster who, for example, wants to record your novel but doesn’t want to be bothered with editing and tidying the sound, do feel free to contact us

Please also feel free to send us a file, and we will restore or edit a five minute sample of it for free, so that you can see for yourself what can be done.

One off jobs and long-term contracted work all welcomed.

E-text Or Print to Audio Transcription

We offer a transcription service from print or electronic text, to MP3 files or DAISY audio or text. If MP3, all the ID3 tag information is filled in correctly, so that your audio player of choice will play the files in the correct order, provided it has Playlist support. If DAISY, as much navigation as possible will be deployed to make moving around your work easier.

Transcription will usually take place using Text To Speech, or human-read on request. Please note that human-read transcription will usually take longer and cost more, as it has to be read in real-time, whereas transcription using synthetic speech can usually be turned around very quickly. Please also note that synthetic speech is now of a very high quality and we will do our utmost to see that all pronunciation is correct.

Please contact us for pricing.


Michele Roger, Author And Podcaster

As a musician and podcaster, I have been working with Steve Nutt and Computer Room Services since 2009. In that time, my podcasts have been nominated for 2 Parsec Awards, my music CD’s have literally sold all over the world and my work continues to pay dividends I never thought possible. I owe much of that success to CRS for their quality sound engineering as well as editing. As you might imagine, my recording formats have changed over the years. Steve has always adapted to whatever recording platform I am using at the time and that’s saying something, since there is an ocean that separates his editing studio and my recording studio. Innovative, timely and expertly produced, the end product never disappoints.

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