Braille Services

The Braille transcription services we offer range from audio typing (from
tape to print or tape to Braille), to transcription directly from electronic documents or hard copy print. We can also offer a text-based OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or scanning, service. Please note however, that the print quality of any scanned material must be of a reasonable standard, i.e. no handwritten material will be accepted, and we cannot be held responsible for any errors in the transcription of such material, but we will do our utmost to achieve the highest possible level of accuracy. All transcription is done using computer-based Braille translation software. Please note also that any work undertaken will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Who would benefit from these services?

  • Any blind individuals who need material transcribed in a
  • Local Councils – perhaps any leaflets or press
    releases they distribute could be sent to us for transcription. This could also apply to charities who wish to make their material more accessible to the blind and visually-impaired.
  • Schools and Colleges – any blind or visually-impaired
    students who need course notes typed for tutors, or tutors who need their notes Brailled for students.
  • Restaurants – who may wish to supply their menus in
  • Churches – hymns or Orders of Service sheets could be

Regular contracts welcomed. No job too small! Please ask for a no-obligation quotation.