Get Notified Quicker In Android

Get Notified Quicker In Android

The Problem

One of the few things that annoys me about the Android operating system is the general delay that occurs when the phone is locked, goes into Dose Mode, and you receive notifications. I sometimes have my iPhone and my Android phone sitting together and notice that the iPhone will receive news alerts, WhatsApp messages, texts etc, very much quicker than my Google Pixel 4XL.

A Partial Solution

So last week, I was listening to Steve Litchfield and Ted Salmon
on the Phones Show Chat Podcast, and they were talking about this very problem.
The partial solution is to do the following:-
Go into Settings, then Battery, and turn off the two options labelled Adaptive Battery and Battery Saver.
Then make sure that all the apps for which you want to receive notifications quickly are not battery optimised.


I say this is a partial solution, because notifications are still not instant, but they do arrive a lot quicker. I agree with what Steve and Ted said in the podcast, that Google need to implement a way to switch off this doze mode, or battery optimisation mode if you like, completely.


Thanks to Steve Litchfield and Ted Salmon for a great podcast. Keep up the good work guys!


Picture of the android setting screen.