Introducing Truecall VI – More Than A Nuisance Call Blocking System!

Various aspects of using a telephone are challenging for visually impaired people – in particular the interface of a modern cordless phone is via a screen, so is inaccessible.

trueCall Vi was designed specifically for visually impaired people with a number of key features:-

  • trueCall Vi’s interface is via voice menus rather than a screen
  • When you play back messages, the control is via the familiar telephone keypad rather than an arbitrary array of buttons.
  • trueCall announces callers through its speaker so you know who is calling before you answer the phone.
  • When trueCall announces a caller it can announce them by name rather than just reading out a string of digits (as is the case with existing ‘talking Caller-ID’ systems).
  • trueCall’s nuisance call management features mean that you are not disturbed by the majority of nuisance callers.
  • trueCall Vi has audible alerts telling you how many messages you have waiting.
  • trueCall Vi comes with a large print and audio manual and the serial number in Braille on the base of the unit.
  • trueCall Vi’s optional call recording feature allows you to playback your calls at your leisure. This means that if you are making complex arrangements – travel arrangements; negotiating a mobile phone tariff; etc – you don’t have to worry about taking down notes during the call.

Steve Nutt of Computer Room Services who is blind and who helped to specify and design trueCall Vi said

“Modern landline phones are challenging for blind people – they give out key information like caller-ID visually, are controlled via visual menus, and an arbitrary array of buttons on the base station and handset. trueCall Vi solves this problem by allowing your phone to be controlled through voice menus and prompts. It offers a call recording facility and the most advanced Talking Caller-ID feature available anywhere in the world. All this, and it also blocks nuisance phone calls!”

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