Job Vacancy

We are looking for a support worker/personal assistant.

Although this is not a caring role as such, we do need a special person.

Driving is essential, including a clean driving licence, as is being fit, as the successful candidate would accompany us to exhibitions and product demonstrations, setting up display stands at exhibitions. We would provide a vehicle, but duties would include loading and unloading stock into the car, then setting up our display stand, and guiding, engaging with other potential suppliers, for example.

We also have overnight hotel stays throughout the year, because we operate all over the UK, so long-distance travel would be required at times. These trips can also include home demonstrations to individual customers throughout the UK.

A sense of humour would be desirable, but in particular, good customer facing skills would be required.

Basic computer skills are required, but most of all, patience and the ability to learn, as using access technology has new challenges, which a sighted person may not have encountered, including the ability to read portions of the screen, which may not be accessible to a blind user.

Other skills would include installing technology to mobile phones to make them accessible, for which we would provide training. This can also include remote support work to troubleshoot problems with technology, both on computers and mobile phones.

We also provide web development services, so manipulating graphics on a web site, uploading them etc, trimming and cropping them, would be desirable. We use the WordPress Content Management System.

A marketing background would be desirable, but not essential.

Other duties would include filing, writing cheques, reading handwritten letters, anything that technology can’t do for blind people, for which we need eyes to carry out the task.

Our current support worker works four days a week, but this could easily be a full time job now, as we are becoming busier. We currently pay £11.00 per hour, and of course, include a company pension.

If interested, please do Contact Us