Accessing and Exploring The Fourth Generation Apple TV

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Mystic Access is proud to present our comprehensive audio tutorial on the fourth generation Apple TV
Have you been hearing about the Apple TV, but aren’t quite sure what it is, how it works or whether you can use it with little or no sight? Mystic Access is delighted to teach you about this compact and highly accessible device in our audio tutorial, Accessing and Exploring the Apple TV with VoiceOver.

In this friendly and engaging tutorial, Kim Loftis explains and demonstrates the Apple TV using the VoiceOver screen reader. You’ll learn everything from why you may want an Apple TV, to how to set it up without sighted assistance, to exploring and customizing the device to your own tastes and desires. The fourth generation Apple TV offers a wide world of content, and you can get to know that world in this audio tutorial.

Table of Contents

What is an Apple TV, anyway?
What is the fourth generation Apple TV and why would I want one? / Differences between the fourth generation Apple TV and previous generations.
What you’ll need to get started.
Orientation to the unit.
Orientation to the remote.
Demonstrating three setup methods… manual, with a Bluetooth Keyboard, and with an iDevice.
Checking for updates.
Navigating and typing with the Apple TV remote.
Navigating and typing with a Bluetooth keyboard.
A tour of the initial home screen layout.
Exploring the Apple TV’s Settings.
Exploring the TV app.
Exploring Movies.
Exploring TV Shows.
Exploring the Music app and Apple Music.
Exploring the Podcasts app.
Exploring the App Store.
Browsing for, learning about and downloading third party apps.
Using the App Switcher.
Customizing your screen — creating folders, moving apps and deleting apps.
Searching for content across multiple apps and exploring the top shelf.
Using Siri.
Sleeping and restarting.
Using Bluetooth.
Exploring some highly-accessible third party apps, including:
Apps for watching videos, TV shows and movies.
apps for listening to music.
Apps for meditating and relaxing.
Miscellaneous apps… including Carot weather, Sero and Amazon.
Trouble shooting — includes reset methods.
Other Recommended Resources.
Conclusion and copyright.
Accessing and Exploring the Apple TV with VoiceOver is eight hours in length and available in DAISY and MP3 formats, both of which you will receive upon placing your order.