Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot Audio Overview

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Wondering if you can use the Amazon Echo Show or Amazon Echo Spot without sight? Enjoy this detailed overview of these screened Echo voice assistants.
Learn how to use these devices with just your voice or the touch of a finger. A full setup demonstration is included.


Did you know that some of the Amazon Echo products have screens? Would you be intrigued to discover that you can easily use these devices without sight?
In this hour-long overview, Chris and Kim Take you on a tour of the Amazon Echo Show and Spot, and guide you in using them with just your voice and the
touch of your finger.

In this overview, you’ll learn:

list of 6 items
■ How the Show and Spot work, their orientation and the differences between the two.
■ How the Show and Spot differ from their sister Amazon Echo products, and how they are similar.
■ How to navigate and select items on the screen of the show and Spot.
■ How to set up the Show and Spot without sight.
■ A tour of Settings.
■ How to turn on audio descriptions for your Show or Spot.
list end

We hope you find the information we provide here both fun and useful.

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