Apple AirPods Audio Tutorial

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Want to learn more about the Apple AirPods from a blindness perspective? This audio tutorial shares tips to support you in setting up, configuring and
using the Apple AirPods to the fullest.
Have you wanted to learn more about Apple’s AirPods before committing to purchase? In this audio tutorial Lisa Salinger shares helpful info, tips, and tricks for novices and
veteran users alike.
In this tutorial, which is just over thirty minutes in duration, Lisa provides information which will help you determine if AirPods are right for you,
and explains how to use them to the fullest if you already own them. You will:

Walk through the process of set up and configuration.
Discover tips and tricks for having fun using these versatile wireless earbuds to listen to music, make phone calls, and enjoy audio of all types.
Learn some handy tips on maintaining your AirPods, as well as what you can do if you accidentally misplace one or both of them.