Audio Documentation on 1Password

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If you’d like a cross-platform method for securely storing, organizing and managing your passwords, the 1Password software can help. In this comprehensive
audio documentation, Chris Nova guides you through why you may want a password management system in general, and why 1Password in particular may be the
right option for you. He walks you through setup, using the program on multiple platforms including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, and shows you how to enter
and then access your passwords when you need them with the use of a master password.
Want to learn more about why you may wish to consider using a password manager? Click Here to listen to Chris and Alan Lemly discuss the topic on Tek Talk, including some valuable info on 1Password.

What You’ll Learn

All about passwords.

list of 2 items
■ Why is it not safe to use a single password on all sites?
■ What is a password manager and why should you use one?
list end

Setting up an account with 1password.

list of 13 items
■ What is a secret key?
■ What is a master password?
■ The three things you need to use 1password.
■ What is the 1password emergency kit and why should you store it in a safe place?

Different account types.

■ The 1password app.
■ The 1password extension.
■ Why do I need both?
■ What kinds of data can you safely store in 1password?
■ What is watch tower?
■ What is 1password mini?
■ Different ways to generate passwords.
■ Configuring settings in the Windows app.
■ Using 1password in Windows, filling out forms, filling in passwords.
list end

Exploring 1Password on additional platforms

list of 7 items
■ Exploring settings in the Mac app.
■ Using 1password in Mac OS, filling out forms, filling in passwords.
■ Demonstrating and exploring settings in the iOS app.
■ Configuring 1password to work properly in iOS using the virtual keyboard and password prediction.
■ Using 1password in iOS, filling in passwords.
■ Demonstrating and exploring settings in the Android app.
■ Using 1password in Android, filling out forms, filling in passwords.
list end
list of 1 items
■ Final thoughts and conclusions.
list end