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B.Book is a new generation Braille device. This is a notetaker, a Braille computer and a Braille display, all-in-one, compact and autonomous.

B.Book showing the front display


B.book is equipped with a 32-cell braille display, a 10-key keyboard, 2 joysticks, 6 function keys, and a 10-hour battery life.

Same as eurobraille’s bnote braille display, the routing cursor keys of b.book have a double function : a slight click will move the display forward or backward whereas a stronger click will select or validate.

For sure, the arrow keys can also be used for this forward/backward feature.

A real braille computer

No need for a computer/braille display setup, you will be able to navigate through the Internet or manage your emails thanks to Wifi connection : b.book will do the job !

Even though the integrated software esysuite provides a screen reader feature, a blind user may still use any other screen reader available in the market : Jaws, Supernova, … or other compatible Windows softwares needed.

Using its Braille terminal mode, b.book can be connected to your computer, smartphone or tablet for reading or working via Bluetooth or USB port.

External peripherals such as printers or scanners can be connected to b.book as well.

esysuite, the powerful built-in software

The integrated esysuite software, that was already set in the esytime evolution device, has already proven itself and remains a sure value in the world of education and teaching for the blind.

esysuite will turn b.book into a notebook independent of Windows 10, and not requiring advanced computer skills.

As it evolves, esysuite regularly adds new features for Braille users.

esysuite consists of several software modules:

  • esynote : offers different types of Braille in a same document, such as 8-dot computer Braille, Grade 1 and Grade 2 (contracted Braille), mathematics (scientific calculations) Braille code and international Braille music code. Therefore, a single document can be printed in braille or black. esynote does the conversion work for the black printing document.
  • esyfile : file manager to organize your files and datas.
  • esycalc : scientific calculator
  • esyschool : manages the schedule, timeline and homework of the student.
  • OCR function : can scan documents, display braille characters and use the speech synthesis when combined with a scanner. It turns book into a reading machine.
  • High quality speech synthesis.

esysuite can also give access to Internet, and be used as an audio and Daisy player !

  • 32 Braille cells

Note : Any Windows 10 compatible software or device can be used with b.book.

This version is not compatible with Windows 11.

JAWS, Supernova, Window-Eyes, Linux, NVDA


  • Extended Warranty