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From The Manufacturer: For the past few years, we were working on the best style of control of a mobile phone for the blind. We sold to tens of countries over the globe and reached thousands of customers. Now we are introducing the best of what the world of mobile phones for the blind can offer.


Picture of Black Blindshell mobilePicture of Blindshell mobile in Red


With voice control you can give the phone voice commands without having to use the keypad! You can do following, and more:

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• Calling and sending a message to a contact
• Opening any application in the phone
• Getting information about weather
• Getting your location. Address and GPS


Instead of using the keypad to input text, just simply say it. The phone will write it down as a text! Among others, you can use voice dictation for these actions:

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• SMS dictation
• Email dictation
• Taking notes
• Dictating your agenda
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This phone has a physical keyboard! Big, well spaced tangible buttons. We wanted the BlindShell Classic to have a premium keypad, and we believe that we succeeded. Operating the phone is again as comfortable as it used to be before the smartphone era. It is hard to describe the feeling in words, one just has to try it!

The spacing between the keys makes orientation on the keypad very easy, so you will be able to distinguish between the keys right away. No need to fumble with your fingers around to find the right button. No need to be worried about pressing the wrong button either.


Object tagging

By using special stickers you can label objects around you. Teach your phone what objects are the labels attached to, and easily recognise them later by using your phone. You can either record a short voice message, or enter a written description. One set of labels is supplied with the phone!

Many useful applications

Object tagging isn’t the only amazing application you can use. Another is the Email client, with which you can write and receive emails from your friends and colleagues. With Internet radio you can listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world. Weather app will tell you the current weather and forecast for next three days. If you are unsure about the place where you currently are, use the Location app, which will tell you your current GPS location and a nearest address.

SOS emergency button

If you get to a situation where a quick help from someone else is needed, you can use the SOS emergency button. Pressing the button for at least 3 seconds will call your emergency contact. (This contact can be set whenever you want). The outgoing emergency call have to be confirmed by you, so you do not need to worry about making the call accidentally.


BlindShell Classic is packed with features! But you do not need to be afraid, that you will be overwhelmed. It is only up to you which applications will you use. You can just make calls and send messages, and nothing else. But, if you want to use the full potential of the phone, there is nothing in your way to make to most out of it.

Basic functions

  • Calls
  • Call history
  • SMS
  • SMS to more recipients
  • Contacts
  • Contact back up and import
  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Timer
  • Notes

Advanced functions

  • Android web browser
  • Telegram messenger
  • SOS button
  • E-mail
  • Object tagging
  • FM radio
  • Internet radio
  • Music player
  • Book reader
  • Unite converter
  • Service menu
  • Weather forecast
  • GPS location
  • Colour recognition
  • Games


When designing BlindShell we thought about the ease of use in the first place. That is why there are many features which will make interaction with the phone so much more easier and comfortable. Here is a list of some of those features:

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• Speed dial of up to 11 contacts – press one button to call.
• Quick information about the current time – press one button while the phone is locked to know what the time is.
• Access the sound profile settings with a press of a single button – quickly change between sound, vibrations, and silent mode.
• Menu navigation by using shortcuts – Press a number to jump to a specific item.
• Opening the call screen by pressing a single button – press a button and call.
• Change the rate and intonation of the phone’s voice.
• Multiple colour profiles.
list end

Great New Features Inc:


The first new application is Telegram, which allows you to send text and voice messages. This app works on all mobile devices, which support Android or IOS. It means that all your friends and dear ones can download it for free and you can stay in touch via Telegram whenever you are online.

New card game Mau

We want to present you our new card game Mau, which expands the offer of games in your phone. Now you can enjoy Hangman, Memory game and Dice Roller.

Android web browser

The most exciting news is Android web browser! From now, you can check news, search new information, browse websites and use services which are accessible for visually impaired.


This product is CE marked and fully complies with all applicable EU legislation.

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• Available languages:
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• Czech
• Croatian
• Dutch
• English
• Finnish
• French
• German
• Italian
• Lithuanian
• Norwegian
• Polish
• Potuguese
• Slovak
• Spanish
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• Mobile networks frequency bands:
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• GSM: 900/1800/1900MHz
• WCDMA: 2100MHz
• LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B7/B20
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• CPU: Dual core 1.2GHz
• Memory:
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• RAM: 512MB
• Internal storage: 4GB (2.8GB – User data)
• Expandable by SD card up to 32GB
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• Screen: 2.8 inch TFT color screen, 240px * 320px
• SIM cards: dual micro SIM card slots
• Camera: 2.0MPx
• Battery: 1800mAh
• Weight:
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• Phone without battery: 76g
• Battery: 35g
list end nesting level 1

• Dimensions: 133mm x 58mm x 19mm
• SAR:
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• Head: 1,399 W/Kg (10g)
• Body: 1,611 W/Kg (10g)
list end nesting level 1
• Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
• Bluetooth 4.0
• FM receiver
• LED flashlight
• SOS emergency button

Download the Blindshell Classic Manual

Quick video demonstration Of The Blindshell Classic

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