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Designed for the visually impaired or those with disabilities that make reading difficult, BookCourier is a portable, convenient, and economical tool for listening to electronic text, voice files, and music. BookCourier frees you from cumbersome equipment such as cassette players and tapes, or bulky Braille transcriptions for your reading needs.

Just download files from your PC or the Internet using the supplied transfer software and you’re on your way.

BookCourier includes a built-in MP3 player; a built-in voice recorder; fast forward and fast reverse controls; bookmarks, jumps, and other smart navigation controls; a built-in alarm, sleep timer, clock, and calendar; plus easy-to-use controls for adjusting volume, reading speed, and more. And if you have a question about a feature, BookCourier’s built-in talking help and talking user guide are immediately at your service.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, BookCourier uses CompactFlash® storage for files (from 8MB to 1 GB). The device also has a plug-and-play USB connection for transferring files from the PC using the supplied PC software. Finally, BookCourier is shipped with headphones and a pocket clip.


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