BrailleSense Polaris Fitted leather case

£108.00 Including VAT, £90.00 Excluding VAT

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Picture of Polaris case
Features: New soft leather

EPI has created and design the BrailleSense Polaris leather case that will fit snugly around your unit and will not allow your unit to slip out of this
case. A form fit custom leather case enable the braille user to easily utilize the note taker while the case is on the unit and allow the unit to be carried
on a comfortable strap. The face of the unit is covered with a zipper pocket cover which may be opened / closed with magnet closures. The zipper pocket
cover may be flipped on to the rear and secured under the unit if the user needs to utilize the note taker while walking. The large zipper pocket can store
your ear buds and other items which provide security and protection. It is designed to enable the user to utilize the note taker while the case is on.
The case is equipped with black plastic hooks to provide security, durability and safety. EPI continues the tradition of creating functional, durable
and beautiful fitted cases. Made in the U.S.A.