Buddy keyboard case for iPad 2

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BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy Case: A perfect companion for your Apple iPad 2

Plays Well with Others

With its surprisingly lightweight yet strong, aluminum construction and integrated Apple commands, the Keyboard Buddy Case is designed to be the ideal complement to the Apple iPad 2’s on-screen keyboard.

A Great Pair

The Keyboard Buddy Case syncs up quickly and easily using Bluetooth 2.0 technology and built-in smart cover technology puts your Apple iPad 2 to sleep when not in use. Additionally, use built in tabs to stand your Apple iPad 2 up securely in either landscape or portrait mode.

The True Power Couple

The Keyboard Buddy Case comes equipped with a built in rechargeable lithium polymer battery. One charge lasts 2 1/2 days, meaning your Apple iPad 2 won’t be slowed down by nap time.

Time to recharge? No problem. Any standard mini-USB cable will work (and don’t worry, we’ll throw one in for you just in case you don’t have one).

All of BoxWave’s Connect line of products works to enhance the usability and durability of the devices you already love. Working in perfect unity to make a good thing, a better thing.

Ready. Set. Connect


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