Buddy Keyboard Case for iPad Air with Kickstand

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Picture of Buddy I pad Air K stand

BoxWave’s Keyboard Buddy Case with Kickstand and Keyboard Buddy Case with Hinge are constructed from durable yet lightweight anodized aluminium providing excellent protection and functionality. Apple iPad Air users who desire the feel of a tactile keyboard on the go now have two exciting options to choose from.

The Keyboard Buddy Case with Kickstand securely snaps to the outside of your iPad Air to provide solid protection for that beautiful Retina display. Simply lift the iPad Air and place it gently into the fitted slot, connect via Bluetooth, then start typing away! The Keyboard Buddy Case with Kickstand holds the Apple iPad Air securely in both portrait and landscape mode, and you can adjust the typing/viewing angle with the built in pop out kickstand. The easy to use keyboard has individually spaced and responsive keys including an additional row of media/shortcut keys for easy access to all your iPad Air’s functions.

The Keyboard Buddy Case with Hinge provides all the convenience and functionality you’d expect from our innovative line of keyboard cases, but this one has a new trick. Your iPad Air slides into place in the padded hinge to turn it into a miniature laptop. Call it a MacBook Mini or an iPad Air Pro, this case gives you the look and feel of a laptop computer to enhance productivity and ease of use. Other features include rubber feet for secure, non-slip grip and a locking hinge that will stay securely closed, protecting your iPad Air’s screen.

Both models also feature hidden magnets that will put your Apple iPad Air to sleep when closed to conserve battery life.

Choose the Keyboard Buddy Case with Kickstand and Keyboard Buddy Case with Hinge to enhance the look of your shiny new iPad Air and fulfill your need for a secure yet functional keyboard case. After a little while, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!


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