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Chillingham is Bavisoft’s stunning adventure game. Featuring our brand new 4-key adventure interface, Chillingham will immerse you in a world of mystery and action like never before. After receiving a desperate
letter from a friend, you travel to the village of Chillingham and begin your quest to find her, while at the same time fighting just to stay alive!

The perfect blend of adventure, action, mystery and humor come together to deliver an awesome gaming experience you’ll never forget.

Absolutely no vision is required to play this game.

CD quality stereo sound
Classical soundtrack
Professional voice and sound talent
Lush stereo environments for each of the many locations
Complete audio help which can be accessed at any time with the “Quick Help” feature
In game menus for saving, exiting and sound control
Bavisoft’s new 4 key adventure interface allows players to:
Travel throughout the village and surrounding countryside
Collect, use, combine or give various items
Examine locations and objects around you
Talk to people and other “creatures”
New multi-weapon combat system
Collect and use different weapons from your arsenal
Defend against vampires, witches, werewolves and more
Use the right weapon against the right monster to win
Tons of puzzles to test your wit
Solve puzzles to gain items and information
Combine your items to form new more useful ones
Match wits with the locals
Discover new areas
Exciting action sequences
Crazy characters
Two difficulty levels
Lots more…


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