Color Star, Innovative Color Identifier

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When we, Caretec, started developing the first talking color-identifier more than 25 years ago we didn’t know if blind people would be interested in colors. We thought that it wouldn’t be many but took up the unknown risk of our challenge nevertheless.

Today we know how much blind people desire to understand the world of colors of the sighted people. The most advanced King of talking color-identifiers is our widely used ColorTest, the most commonly desired simple identifier our Prince Colorino.

The Color Star is yet another venture into color-identification in addition to the existing King and Prince. The Color Star has new functions and options, in line with new technology that may be of interest to some blind users.

New Features

•The Color Star can recognize the color of light; up to 15 nuances.

•The Color Star emits music tones which increase in pitch as light is approached.

•The Color Star can recognize shades of color as well as patterns which are emitted in different intensities.

Color recognition by deaf-blind people

Colors can be explained by referring to our Globe: The hue by their position at the equator, the intensity by the distance to the axis of the Earth and the brightness by the distance to the North Pole.

The optional function of the Color Star can communicate these dimensions with vibrations so that even deaf-blind people can be made familiar with the phenomena of colors.

Over 1000 different shades or nuances of color

Excellent natural voice prompts adjustable in 5 volume steps, available in several languages

Only three buttons operations

Three buttons with tactile marks and vibration feedback (optional)

•Dimensions: 90 x 38 x 18 mm
•Weight: 42 g (0.09 lb.)
•Power Supply: Build-in Li-Pol battery

•Color Star device
•USB charger with cable
•User instruction printed and CD