Cyber Eyez


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Cyber Eyez

M300 Glasses

Cyber Eyez
Bring life into Focus
Life Changing Application
Cyber Eyez, an application for smart glasses, empowers users with low vision and blindness to be more independent in a sighted world. Utilising a high-definition camera and optical character recognition engine, Cyber Eyez has Features to suit Virtually any need from reading and shopping to real-time video calling and Amazon Alexa support. Users experience their unique environment by enjoying life more independently efficiently and hands-free.
. Free video calls with skype
. Manage your day with Amazon Alexa Support
. Read anywhere, no internet needed
. Online and offline object recognition
. Bluetooth pairs with an iphone or any other device
. Hands Free Control with voice commands
. Battery life up to 12+ hours



Experience independence more than ever through Cyber Eyez on the Vuzix M300 Smart glasses. The M300 smart glasses contain Android-based wearable computers with a monocular display and onboard processor that can wirelessly pair to any device via bluetooth including iphones and cochlear implants. Aditionally, the smart glasses feature a large screen, fast processing system and multiple mounting options and frames using a rail style system to slide the device closer or further away from the eye to provide custom focal lenghts.

Receive Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results in less than a second. its pre-installed apps enable users to identify objects and currency, track time events, manage calendars and link to phones. The HD Camera takes and stores pictures, records and plays video, and uses a barcode scanner. Users can install thousands of existing Android apps, including Netflix and iHeartRadio.

Cyber Eyez is fully intergrated with Amerzon Alexa! While everyone else has a Alexa at home, you have it on the go. When other technologies fail and you need another set of eyes, Alexa is there to assist you. Cyber Eyez even supports free video calling through skype.

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