Esys 24 Lite

£1,890.00 Including VAT, £1,575.00 Excluding VAT

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esys24Light is a refreshable 24 cell Braille display. It features an ultimate design for desktop as well as portable use. It is delivered with a micro SD-card of 2 GB to let you read books or documents on the go. Via USB or Bluetooth technology and a screen reader, it can also be connected to a PC or mobile phone.

esys24Light is compatible with Supernova, Window Eyes,
Cobra 10.x and Jaws as well as VoiceOver, BrailleBack and NVDA screen readers. To read text messages and Internet content simply use a mobile phone or tablet of your choice together with the

To faster browse through information or menus on your tablet or mobile phone esys24Light features two joysticks and 4 navigation wheels. These are located in an ergonomic position for your convenience.


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