Hable One

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The Hable One

Hable One is designed to assist your smartphone or tablet with a simple and intuitive interface. Contact your loved ones using your Hable One as a wireless keyboard or use it as a remote to control every function in your smartphone.

Why use the Hable One

Use it anywhere.

The wireless and ergonomic design allows you to use it wherever you want even walking or travelling.

Easy to use and learn.

The intuitive interface makes your Hable One easy to use and learn. In a few minutes, you will be able to control the basic commands.

Take control.

Thanks to the six tactile buttons with two additional function keys for typing you will navigate with confidence even having your smartphone saved in your pocket.

What’s in the box:

Your Hable One

USB-C cable for charging and software updates

Wristband to prevent falling

User manual

Braille manual on request

Technical specifications:

Lightweight: 90 grams

Battery life: 50 hours

Dimensions: 100 x 46 x 8mm

Devices supported: Android and iOS, for both tablets and phones

Typing support: Windows and MacOS

Braille input: 6 point Braille, Liblouis

Supports 10+ languages

Unique text editing experience. Easier than any alternative.

Made with sustainable recycled plastic