Infovox 4 English Language

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infovox4 is an innovative yet simple and all-in-one product for

seamless access to written information, no matter where the user is, at home, in the office or on the move using different computers.

infovox4, using Acapela speech synthesis, speech empowers any PC with pleasant voices, transforming any written text into speech, in real time

infovox4 further expands the benefits of the well known Infovox products, which have been appreciated and enthusiastically adopted by the market and the user community for 20 years, by providing several new benefits to visually-impaired users:

Improved intelligibility at high reading speed using the new “small and fast” Colibri voices, based on a brand new technology developed by Acapela Group.

Possibility to modify pitch with the new Colibri voices.

On/off switch for verbose mode that expands acronyms, abbreviations and datum.

Add and remove voices at any time and free of charge, using the new Download Manager application.

Menu-based GUI for easier navigation using screen reader applications.

Australian English language support with the new voice Tyler.

Swedish dialects Scania (voice Mia) and Gothenburg (voice Kal).

infovox4 is a USB-based product supporting both portable usage via the USB and 3 local installations, which follow users as they work on their different PCs. This provides several benefits to the users:

Portable usage from USB allows immediate access to any computer, without need of installing locally or admin rights

Local installations will function even without a USB plugged into the computer

Possibility to transfer local installations to and from the USB at any time

infovox4 is packaged with several useful applications, that can be easily launched from the infovox4 LaunchPad application.


The NVDA screen reader* helps the user accessing a computer when no other screen reader is pre-installed

The Speech Creator enables easy creation of MP3 files for personal use, from any text file. The Pronunciation Editor allows easy

management of lexicons and exceptions, to fine tune and customize the way names and exceptions are pronounced

The Download Manager allows to add and remove voices locally. The Voice Manager allows to create new voices with particular settings.
The Configuration Wizard will guide step by step through installation

and configuration of infovox4 on the computer.

infovox4 fully supports both 32 and 64 bit OS and screen readers.

*Acapela-Group supports the NVDA project by donating 5 US$ for each

sold unit of infovox4.


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