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The Need

Visually impaired people lack equal Education and Employment opportunities, as they cannot access printed,
handwritten and digital content on their own. While they are heavily dependent on Braille and Audiobooks, less
than 1% content is available in Braille and it takes four to six weeks to audio-record a 300 page-book. Late Blind
individuals find it difficult to learn Braille. Regional language content is inaccessible as Assistive technology
products available in the market only support English and other Latin-based languages.

About Kibo XS

Kibo XS is the World’s first multilingual scanning and reading device that connects
seamlessly to any PC, Computer or Laptop and helps you –

1. Listen Printed / Handwritten text – Across 60+ Global languages
2. Translate documents – Across 100+ languages
3. Digitize & Download – in editable Unicode form – DOC, DOCX, TXT
4. Access Documents across any Mobile/PC – With Unlimited Kibo Cloud Storage

Product Specifications

Scanning Unit Dimensions & Weight 7.1 cm x 7.3 cm x 30.8 cm |~335 grams
Soft Mat Dimensions & Weight 33 cm x 34 cm x 0.4 cm | ~200 grams
Shot size A4 and less than A4
Scanning Speed Less than 1 second for 1 page
Camera 5MP, Fixed focus CMOS sensor
Interface USB 2.0
LED fill light Three level LED fill light
Certifications/Compliances CE EMC 2014/30/EU


1 Digitisation & Translation Digitize and Translate printed and handwritten documents to searchable,
editable, Unicode formats – DOC, DOCX, TXT
2 Accessible Libraries Kibo XS devices makes all the books in the library accessible through audio
in real-time; no need to pre-record; just pick any book and Kibo reads it
3 E-content repository for
Online Education
Scan and create your e-content repository by saving content on Kibo Cloud.
Now, login & access the content on any phone/laptop, anytime, anywhere.
4 Inclusive Education and
Visually-impaired students and employees can access academic and official
documents (printed/handwritten) independently; resulting in enhanced
student and employee productivity respectively
5 Braille and E-book Production Download in DOC, DOCX, TXT and use it to create Braille or eBooks