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KNFB Reader Enterprise is a mobile app that converts inaccessible text into synthetic speech or Braille. It’s like having a scanner and reader on a device you already own: a smart phone or Windows 10 device. KNFB Reader Enterprise is the best optical character recognition (OCR) app available. It is helping blind, low-vision, dyslexic, and other print-disabled users around the world live the lives they want, independently.
KNFB Reader Enterprise for mobile devices reads aloud almost any text encountered during the day, from memos to bills to mail to food packages to menus and more. KNFB Reader Enterprise enables users to accomplish everyday reading tasks independently, privately, and more affordably than most other devices.
Favorite KNFB Reader Enterprise Features
• Text can be read more easily with adjustable font types, sizes, colors, text highlighting, and more.
• Text Detection, Tilt Guidance and our Field of View report enable blind users to capture the perfect picture of a page discreetly, without assistance or unwanted spoken cues.
• Multi-page scanning allows users to capture many pages easily, making listening to any book or brochure a snap.
• KNFB Reader’s built-in OCR works almost instantly without access to Wi-Fi, or an internet/data connection.
• Available in multiple languages.
• Scanned text can be sent to a connected Braille display for silent reading.

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