Lingo Folding Bluetooth Keyboard by Lapworks

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Picture of keyboard openThe Lingo is a folding keyboard that allows easy typing in a compact form and connects via Bluetooth. It comes with 2 types of stands that you may use for holding your phone or tablet at an incline for easier viewing. Use whichever is easiest or works best with your device. A charging cable is also included.

Bluetooth Pairing Instructions

If you’ve used a Bluetooth device before the Lingo Keyboard is a fairly standard set up. You only have to pair the keyboard once unless you repair to use with another device.

1. Go to your tablet or phone’s Bluetooth settings, make sure Bluetooth is switched on, and stay on the setting screen.
2. Turn on the keyboard by pushing the power switch to the right. The power switch is found in the upper left corner of the keyboard. The LED near the power switch should light up. Then press the small round Connect button that is below the power switch to make the LED blink.
3. Wait for instructions to appear on your device’s screen.
4. Using the keyboard, type the code shown on screen and press enter. Now your keyboard is paired and you should not have to pair again.

Troubleshooting Pairing

If you have any trouble, make sure you followed the steps above. If you follow the steps above and still have trouble, switch the keyboard off and on again and make sure the LED near the power button lights up when it is on and that it blinks when you press the search button. If the LED doesn’t light, you may need to charge it before use. If the LED lights, but doesn’t blink when you press search, try again and try holding the Search button.

Once your keyboard is paired it should work just like the keyboard on your computer. When the keyboard is on and Bluetooth is on, you should be able to type on the keyboard to enter text in any app or website.

Charging & Battery

The keyboard can be charged using the included micro B USB cable and connecting to a computer or any USB AC adapter. It charges fully in 3 hours and lasts quite a long time often lasting for several days or weeks on a single charge, but please charge as frequently as you like and whenever convenient to prevent running out of battery power unexpectedly.

There are color LEDs that indicate different states of the Lingo. A red LED means the battery is charging. When the red LED goes off, it is fully charged. Be sure to switch off power when you are finished using the Lingo to preserve battery power the longest. A blue LED temporarily lights to show that power has been switched on. A blinking blue LED shows that it is attempting to pair with a device.

Note that your Lingo may go into a power saving sleep mode if not used for a few minutes. Just tap the space bar a few times to let it know you are back and give it a second or two to connect again. When you see press the space bar and see the cursor move, you know it is ready for you to type.

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