Micro Speak Digital Voice Recorder

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Micro-Speak is a brand new digital voice recorder that combines smart design with ease of use and high quality performance.

Record instantly with the press of a button and playback immediately via the built-in speaker. High Definition recordings in uncompressed WAV format ensure impressive results for unlimited speaking and listening activities.


Simple note taking
Capture voice memos and sound effects ‘on the move’ i.e. field trips and outdoor activities
Great for Podcasting
Record classroom discussions and debates
Thought Tracking. Supports inference and deduction
Record singing and musical instruments
Rehearse drama scripts
A useful tool for Home-School communications


Easy to use and simple navigation
Voice recording via a built-in microphone
Recording Format: High definition WAV, 192kbps, 48kHz sample rate
High quality audio playback via a built-in speaker
3.5mm earphone socket for personal listening
Large tactile function buttons. Record, Play/Pause, Next, Previous and Volume Control
Two line LCD display for simple navigation and track information
Spoken prompts and beeps to assist blind and low-vision users, including battery level, connection/charging status, recording and file deletion.
Support for playback of MP3 and WAV audio formats
Micro USB Port for audio file downloads and uploads via a PC and Mac
Rechargeable Battery. Recharge using Micro USB Port
Built-in memory. 2GB providing 24 hours of high quality recording time
Approximate size 105 × 60 × 25mm