Milestone Fame – Life is colorful!

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Picture of Fame Add on

Fame is a precise color reader for Milestone 312 and 212. Its high quality detector, which reads up to 400 colors and nuances, makes this Add-On a high-quality color reader system. Besides color reading you have an option to compare two colors in a very narrow range. So you get feedback whether the colors are equal or not. But Fame is more than just a good color reader. This Add-On integrates as well a light detector, which detects sources of light. It reports you if there is light in a room and where it is. And finally, Fame is a structure reader as well. So you can scan over a piece of paper and as soon as there is some writing or other structure, Fame reports that.

Particular strengths of Fame are: 1.Clear output, which waives fantasy names like heather violet or vermilion and instead works with easily understandable attributes like „pale light blue“ or „strong dark red with a tendency towards brown“.
2.Shiny and reflective surfaces can be read, as well as matt or slightly transparent ones.
3.Reliable and reproducible measures!
The name „Fame“ is a shortcut for the german expression of color reader, which is „FArb MEssgerät“.


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