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The Feel Space Navibelt!

Experience a new feeling of space!

In everyday life we ​​mostly rely on our eyes and ears. From today you can rely on your feelings when you are out and about!

The vibrating naviBelt by FeelSpace makes paths and directions tangible. Experience a completely new feeling of space! Simply put on the naviBelt ® , enter a destination with the help of your smartphone and you will immediately feel where you are going. True to the motto: Always follow your gut feeling!

The operation is completely barrier-free and was specially developed for blind and visually impaired people to make it easier for you to orientate yourself in the immediate vicinity.

The application scenarios of the FeelSpace navibelt are diverse. Do not miss this new dimension of orientation!

360 ° coverage

The navibelt enables a high 360 ° spatial resolution thanks to the 16 vibration units built into the belt.

Easy to use

Operate the app and navibelt intuitively, according to the plug-and-play principle

Tangible leadership

Feel where you’re headed and you can have a conversation or explore the city with excitement.

How the NaviBelt works:

You can start your device in just a few steps. Select the FeelSpace app on your smartphone and enter your desired destination. Connect the smartphone to your naviBelt  via Bluetooth . Put the smartphone back in your pocket and you’re good to go. Follow the navigation by feeling the signals around your stomach and being guided by them.

  • The navibelt is barrier-free to use.
  • It is connected to Android or iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • We do research for 10 years with the navibelt and its predecessors.

Routing Function

Do you want to get to a destination quickly and safely ? Then choose the routing function. The naviBelt then takes you to your destination in the shortest possible way.

Airline Function

Do you just want to know the rough direction so that you can explore the area on your own and train directional thinking ? Then choose the straight line function. The naviBelt then constantly shows your destination.

Compass Function

Do you want to train your sense of direction and your spatial understanding even more effectively ? Then choose the compass function. The naviBelt then constantly points north.


Elastic, breathable materials guarantee a high level of comfort.

Battery Life

The navibelt is guaranteed not to let you down on the go: The battery life is at least 8 hours!


Follow the navigation without any worries. You will hardly notice the weight.

The tangible orientation aid for the blind and visually impaired

Orienting oneself and finding one’s way is a challenge of varying difficulty for different people. With the naviBelt you can master this challenge, because directions can now be felt , by means of vibrations around the stomach. As a silent companion, it blends in well with your everyday life. On the way, you will remain confident of orientation and will find your way independently. Research has shown that the navibelt saves attention resources, relieves strain on the ears and improves orientation. The naviBelt was developed from research in collaboration with the blind and visually impaired and tailored specifically to their needs. The navibelt is very well suited as a helper in everyday life, because it is barrier-free and easy to understand. In order to improve orientation even further, we now have the innovative mobile reading device OrCam on offer for you. You can find more information here

Picture of a man wearing Navibelt.

Orientation in everyday life

The naviBelt  has 16 evenly distributed vibration units , so, for example, the north, which serves as your anchor point, can be tangibly displayed 360 ° around your body axis . You can even recognize slight rotations immediately, because the vibration signal then travels around your stomach accordingly. You can also better assess curves and changes of direction with the naviBelt  and avoid unintentional turns. In the city, you can move more safely, crossing streets and squares in a straight line. Even if you have to avoid an obstacle, you can immediately align yourself again along the road and continue straight ahead.

With our navibelt we would like to help you to be more independent and to participate in social life, so we have paid attention to ease of use . The naviBelt can also be operated by people who have little previous experience with technical devices. The navibelt supports you in doing more, having more confidence and going your own way again.

Go safer ways

With the specially developed, barrier-free iPhone app, you can simply tell the naviBelt a destination – also by voice input. The navibelt then shows you the direct direction by means of a vibration signal on your stomach. Your ears remain free, so that your attention is spared. This allows you to focus on other sounds. Go your own way independently and independently !

We are currently preparing a connection to other apps (e.g. Blind Square) so that you can also use tried-and-tested apps for orientation with the naviBelt  and, for example, follow a precise route to your destination. Without a smartphone, the belt works as a tangible compass and lets you feel where north is.

Accessible App

The FeelSpace app for iPhone can be used barrier-free with Voiceover.

Recognise Directions

With the navibelt  you can keep your direction easier and better assess turns.


You have your ears and hands free.

Size Guide

XS: 70-80cm (Extra Small).
S: 80-92cm (Small).
M: 92-105cm (Medium).
L: 105-125cm (Large).

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