RealSam Pocket 4

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Looking for the perfect smartphone for someone with Sight Loss? Say hello to RealSAM Pocket

RealSAM Pocket takes away the stress of figuring out complicated phone interfaces when you can’t see or can’t see clearly what’s on the screen. It enables you to communicate with your loved ones by phone or text, reduces isolation by allowing you to stream content and supports your independence with handy assistance tools… all operated by just using your voice.

No need to learn complicated touch screens or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap the screen and talk. It’s that simple!

With RealSAM Pocket You Can:

  • Make & receive calls
  • Send & receive messages
  • Add contacts by voice
  • Stream books, podcasts, radio & newspapers
  • Use video magnifier
  • Read text with OCR
  • Identify objects
  • Get assistance from sighted volunteers with Be My Eyes
  • Learn about your environment with location services
  • Stay on top of your appointments and tasks with smart reminders
  • Enjoy information tools such as global time and weather

What makes RealSam Pocket different to other smartphones?

Fully Voice Operated

Just say ‘Read The Guardian’ ‘Find books by Agatha Christie’ or ‘Call Doctor’s Surgery’

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try for 30 days without pressure and enjoy unlimited customer support.


Stream thousands of talking books, newspapers and magazines, radio and podcasts at no extra cost.

 Easy to Use

Tap the screen and ask for what you want using natural speech.

What’s in the box?

RealSAM Pocket smartphone.

Everything is setup and activated, so it works straight out of the box!

Quick Start Guide

Simple instructions designed to help first time users.


A lanyard to keep it safe and always at hand.

 Charger & Cable

A charging plug and USB cable.