SAPI Eloquence Voice Synthesiser For All Assistive Technology

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One Speech Synthesiser To Power Them All!

Brought to us by Code Factory, innovators of assistive technology, we have Eloquence voices with a difference.

Popular voices that you have come to know and love, powering any assistive solution you have on your computer, including Window-Eyes, JAWS, NVDA, System Access, Supernova, Kurzweil 1000/3000, or any application that uses the Microsoft SAPI interface to speak. They will even work with Windows Narrator, built into every Windows system!

Buy once, use everywhere!

Additionally, Code Factory have built an application to control aspects of these voices, such as force pitch, rate and volume and a dictionary of mispronounced words. What this means to you is that you can now create one dictionary, and one preferred set of parameters, which will be in effect across all your assistive tech solutions. Set your favourite speed, pitch and volume, tell the app to force those settings, and they are in effect across all screen readers. Edit just one dictionary to correct a mispronounced word, instead of editing dictionaries for each screen reader separately, then have the word pronounced correctly across all of them.


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