Stress Less, Browse Happy: Your Guide to More Easily and Effectively Navigating the Internet with a Screen Reader

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Are you annoyed and frustrated as you attempt to learn your way around various websites? Do you just wish using the internet could be simpler? Well, it can… and this friendly audio tutorial can show you how.

Learn how to more easily navigate the internet from a totally blind screen reader user who does so every day herself for both business and pleasure. Kim provides concepts, ideas and tips that can help your journey of browsing sites online to become an easier and more fun experience. Yes… really. *smile*

With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to:

Start where you are and build on your current knowledge (even if you’re a total beginner) to learn to browse the internet with greater ease and confidence
Learn about useful navigation elements such as headings, links, lists and others, what they are, how they work, and how they can make moving around websites a simpler and more revealing experience
Find out what obstacles may be holding you back and making your journey more difficult than it needs to be
Discover mindset tips and strategies that can help browsing the web to become a less stressful, more enjoyable journey
Learn universal concepts and keystrokes that you can use with any Windows screen reader, using any web browser, and never worry about having to learn lots of new key commands if you should ever need to change your screen reader
Be guided step by step by a fellow screen reader user in a friendly and informal manner that will respect where you are and never insult your intelligence
Begin experiencing less stress and way more fun as you browse website after website with greater self-assurance.