Sweet Success with iOS: Audio Modules Thirteen Through Eighteen

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Learn to efficiently use iOS with these fun and informative modules from Mystic Access. Demonstrations are provided during each module. Completely new
to iOS? Check out our first six foundational modules, too.
Familiarizing yourself with a new and complex device can be stressful and intimidating. When that device has a multitude of built-in features and functions,
a touch screen, a screen reader, and even more applications which can be added to broaden its appeal and scope, learning the ins and outs can become all
the more stressful.

Welcome to Mystic Access’s fun and informative modules on iOS voice over . Whether you own or are considering an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, we offer a
wide-range of materials to assist beginners and advanced iOS users to enjoy your devices more efficiently and proficiently, and to have more fun using
them in the process.

What are Mystic access’s iOS modules and how can they support me?

These are modules Thirteen through Eighteen in our iOS module series. If you’re bran new to iOS, or really struggling with more basic concepts, you may
wish to check out our foundational series prior to beginning this one. Each module covers a specific topic to support you in getting the most out of your iOS device. All modules are taught from
a blindness perspective, and utilize the built-in iOS voice over screen reader. The modules were initially taught as live events, and are offered here
in MP3 and DAISY formats upon your purchase.

Each module is approximately one hour in duration, and includes:

list of 3 items
■ Thorough, friendly instruction from a member of the Mystic Access team.
■ Explanation and demonstration… we strongly feel that both these components are important to help you in understanding the material.
■ Tips and tricks. All of your instructors are totally blind iOS users, and we all use iOS regularly for both business and pleasure. We’ll share ideas
and strategies that helped us learn and improve our usage, and that we hope will assist you, too.

What topics are included in this bundle?

Here are the modules you’ll receive in our Thirteen through Eighteen bundle.

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1 ) Here’s to Your Health. We’ll talk physical and emotional health, and the apps to help us get there. If you want to track your workouts, learn to become
more zen, or conquer a bad habit, there are numerous apps to help, and we’re pleased to explore them with you.
2 ) It’s about time. Clock. It seems like such a simple app. However, it’s packed with lots of useful features. For example, did you know you can use it
as a sleep timer, or choose to wake up to a particular song? Or, did you know you can set different alarms for weekdays and weekends? Save yourself some
time and effort, and come learn about the many hidden features in the clock app.
3 ) Learning Every Day. If you’re a gatherer of information, this module is for you. We’ll be sharing apps that allow you to find podcasts, lectures, and
online learning opportunities. Curious? You’ll be in good company!
4 ) I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing. This time, we’re diving into the Music app on iOS. Whether or not you have an Apple Music subscription, this app
is jam-packed with lots of music, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it.
5 ) Games People Play. This time, we’re talking about different kinds of games. Besides just being fun, they can help you develop some specific iOS-related
skills. If you’re ready to improve your skill at exploring by touch, getting over your fear of turning Voice Over on and off, or just having fun, come
take a seat at our virtual game table.
6 ) Size Matters. Have you been using an iPhone or iPod Touch, and do you want to begin using an iPad or iPad Mini? We’ll talk about why you might or might
not want to do this, and how the layout of information varies between devices.
list end

When these iOS voice over modules were taught live, participants brought their questions, frustrations and difficulties to the events, and when the answers
weren’t covered in the material, they were discussed during the question and answer period. The questions and answers at the end of each module add an
even greater depth to the topic presentations you’ll receive.

I already know a little about these topics… will these modules still benefit me?

Absolutely. Mystic access is known for thorough discussions, down to earth and accessible teaching style and for our welcoming atmosphere.

There’s a lot of free material available on iOS Voiceover. why should I pay for these Mystic Access modules?

The material Mystic Access provides is clear, concise, and professionally taught. All modules are pre-recorded and edited for clarity, and all the material
we teach is current as of the time of these classes, so you know what you’re learning is up to date. Between our team members, we have decades of experience
as instructors. We’re friendly and genuine people, and we really enjoy sharing with you.