The Mini Guide, An Ultrasonic Mobility Aid

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Picture Of The Mini Guide

An Important Message

The Miniguide is only intended as an accessory to the more traditional aids such as the white cane and guide dog. The Miniguide is not a replacement for
these primary aids, it should only be used as a secondary aid.

The Miniguide can not detect drop offs. So please rely on your primary aid in areas where drop offs might be present, for example, railway stations, near
stairs and so on.

People should only use the Miniguide once they have read and understood the instructions, as the instructions include important information and warnings
about its use. People who may have difficulty understanding the instructions should only use the aid under expert supervision. Children should only use
the aid under adult supervision.

Product Description

The Miniguide uses ultrasonic echo-location to detect objects. The aid vibrates to indicate the distance to objects – the faster the vibration rate the
nearer the object. There is also an earphone socket which can be used to provide sound feedback.

The aid utilises the latest electronics to provide excellent robustness, reliability and battery life. The battery will normally last for many months.

A single push button is used to switch the aid on or off and also change settings. The aid has various modes and options. The main modes are:

list of 5 items
• 4 meter
• 2 meter
• 1 meter
• half meter
• 8 meter
list end

Only large objects can be detected at 4 meters or beyond, for example, fences, walls.

Cane and guide dog users have found that the Miniguide has assisted them in many ways, including:

list of 5 items
• Avoiding obstacles such as parked cars, poles and street furniture.
• Detecting overhanging obstacles such as tree branches.
• Locating counter staff and the end of queues.
• Locating doorways, gaps and determining if elevator doors are open.
• Navigating around tables, chairs and office environments.
list end

More detailed information about the operation of the Miniguide can be obtained by reading the User Guide