Victor Reader Stream 2 Fitted Case

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Picture of Victor Reader Stream 2 case

Victor Reader Stream 2 Form-Fitted Leather Case.


EPI together with HumanWare, have created and designed the “New” VRS2 case. This case is a soft form-fitted custom leather case for the “New”VRS2 This case is made of high grade Napa leather that fits snuggly around your unit, and has a storage zipper compartment for your ear buds. The case has been designed to enable the user to easily utilize your VRS2 while the case is on the unit, and allows the unit to be carried on a comfortable strap or clipped on your belt. The unit may be used while walking, sitting or simply standing. The case has easy access to the headset jack, USB port, and SD flash memory cards. The case is manufactured with high quality leather to provide durable outer protection. This case comes with a leather covered belt clip on the back of the unit.


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