Vivienne – Talking kitchen scales with clock and timer

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Vivienne is an easy to use talking kitchen scale. The talking
kitchen scale Vivienne includes all standard weighing functions as well as many useful additional functions. The sophisticated state-of-the-art scale with natural speech and a big display shows
highest accuracy at weighing (measurement up to 5 kg in gram-steps), therefore Vivienne can also be used as a diet- or letter scale too. Adding weights as in the tare-function is possible too. Vivienne can be used to weigh liquids (Water, Oil and Milk) and be used to count units. (Put one piece on the scale to use as a measuring ‘unit’, once you put an amount of pieces on the scale, it will tell you the number). Additionally you can use Vivienne to
weigh towards a predetermined weight, either by keying in the weight or measuring your needed weight. Once this weight is confirmed, you can use this weight for a reference of following measurements. (f.e. 5 cups of flower, first cup is the reference, the following measurements signal if you are too low or high). Country-specific weight units can be selected too.

Vivienne has a built in clock, which can give time and date – as an option the device type has a built-in radio controlled clock, which never needs a time and date setting. Vivienne has also a precise countdown-function (egg-timer) included.

The appealing device stands safe on 6 non-slippery rubber feet. The special design of the case makes the scale especially handy. The large tactile buttons make Vivienne very easy to use.

The results are displayed clearly by large digits on a big display. The speech output can be set at 6 volume levels. All results can be repeated by the push of an additional button. The large weighing plate offers enough space to soundly place dishes of
different sizes and form on it.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: measurement in gram-steps up to a maximum load of 5 kg; tare function; adding weight; target measurement; reference measurement; timer; scale counter; time and date; repeat results; weighing liquids (milk, water, oil); country-specific units selectable; key lock; 6 volume levels; earphone socket; power- supply connection; large display with character size 25 mm; dimensions: 220 x 145 x 26 mm; weight: 588g; power-supply with 4 1.5 V AAA micro-batteries or power supply unit, optional: earphones / power supply unit / radio controlled clock

talking kitchen scale Vivienne, 4 x 1.5 V AAA micro-batteries, printed user manual, 2 years guarantee


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