ZeitGeist – The magnificent talking time machine

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Picture of Zeitgeist

The ZeitGeist is a magnificent “Time Machine” of great usefulness for blind and visually impaired people. It has an amazing number of time related features, that capture the spirit of our age and lead us through modern life. It fits into any pocket or can be carried around ones neck. Moreover: it is extremely easy to operate!

Features of ZeitGeist:

– It tells the time (incl. dual time zone) in hours, minutes and seconds
– It adjusts the daylight saving time automatically
– It offers a calender that reaches one century into the past and future and tells the current day of the week, date, calender week, passed and remaining days of the year, as well as the current sign of the zodiac
– It adjusts the leap-years automatically
– It tells the current moon phase and offers suggestions related to it
– It offers a stop-watch of up to 24 hours, a count-down timer that extends up to 7 days, an egg-timer of up to 60 minutes, it makes wake-up calls with its alarm function and provides a Cuckoo-clock adjustable to any period of time during the day
– It reminds of forthcoming one-time dates as well as of regularly
occuring dates
– It reminds women discretely of the approaching menstruation
– It calculates the age in years, months, days, minutes and seconds of a person, animal, plant or given object
– It calculates the day of the week of public or private dates and much more.


Speech output available in more than 20 languages; loudspeaker
(3 volume levels), earplug; 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries; dimensions: 115 x 30 x 15 mm; weight: 65 grams; lanyard for
carrying around the neck.


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