Rivo 2

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A smartphone is an important tool for everyone to communicate, get information, work, and play in everyday life. Rivo is an assistive technology product for the blind and visually impaired to use the smartphone more freely. It connects and works as if it were the same smartphone.

  • Use the smartphone more freely and confidently with real buttons.
  • Use the smartphone kept in the pocket conveniently during outdoor activities.
  • Make and receive phone calls, dial numbers and touch-tones.
  • Type and edit the text including punctuation marks and emoticons easily and accurately.
  • Rivo is about the size of a credit card and has a built-in speaker, a microphone, and an earphone jack.
  • Rivo supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Save and switch quickly between up to 6 devices.
  • Use about a week with 3 hours of charging.
  • Improve daily productivity, level of independence, and quality of life.




  • Leaving stuff plugged in and accessing everything from Rivo, nice and convenient. I’m using real keys, access my apps, Siri, and answer/make calls all from the Rivo. ‐ David
  • It’s an amazing experience when muscle memory has formed. ‐ Tim
  • Rivo is an absolutely critical part of my life, every day, often every minute! I do use it a lot every day. ‐ Chris


Download the latest firmware (Rivo 2.4.5)