Milestone 312 Ace – The all-rounder & ultimate package.

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Milestone 312 represents a new generation of portable devices for blind and visually impaired people. The Milestone 312 includes the functionality of a Voice Recorder, Music Player, Text to Speech Player, DAISY-Audio Book Player, Radio, Clock, Alarm, Calendar, RFID Tagging System and more. With the Milestone 312, all of this functionality is available in a player the size of a credit card, and with the ease of operation you have come to expect from your Milestone products. Now you can carry your professional life as well as endless entertainment in your pocket, wherever life takes you.

What you can do with the basic version of Milestone 312:
Record voice notes in high quality MP3, using either the internal or an external microphone.
Listen to your recordings and other audio through the powerful, built-in speaker or with a pair of headphones.

The Milestone 312’s music player is compatible with all popular audio formats. Time-consuming conversions of files are a thing of the past.

Listen to your text files in various available languages, thanks to the included, high-quality text-to-speech software from market leader Acapela.

Play audiobooks in DAISY 2.02 or 3.0 format, unprotected EPUB 2.0.1, Audible or NLS and Bookshare content.

Convenient navigation options and bookmarks are at your disposal, to complete your reading experience.

No matter what you choose to listen to, Milestone 312 can speed up or slow down playback to suit your preferences.

A clock with built-in alarm and timer functionality is yet another feature of the Milestone 312.

But wait, that’s not all. Software extras and hardware add-ons are available, so you can add even more functionality to your Milestone 312:

Software Extras.
Software extras can be purchased at any time. Expand your Milestone 312 with a radio, an agenda/calendar application and the RFID tag reader „Speakout“. The range of software extras is growing steadily and we are constantly developing more features, to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Check out the available “software extras for Milestone 312” for further information.

For some of the less traditional functions, the Milestone can offer additional hardware components. Such add-ons consist of a hardware attachment that snaps onto the front of your Milestone, and accompanying software, to make the Milestone useful in even more types of daily life situations. You can turn your Milestone 312 into a color reader, by using the add-on “Fame” and even detect light sources, such as windows or lit rooms. The “Milestone CD Drive” allows you to conveniently copy music, audiobooks, text files and data CDs directly to your Milestone 312, without having to rely on a computer.

Milestone 312 contains a powerful hardware with plenty of capacity for new developments. When we selected the hardware for the Milestone 312, we accepted no compromises in quality. The Milestone 312 integrates a USB 2.0 high-speed connection, ensuring a fast transfer rate and easy access via a computer. Milestone 312 is an essential device for organization and entertainment alike. With all its features and by supporting SD and SDHC memory cards with a capacity of up to 32GB, the Milestone 312 is a full-fledged, credit-card-sized digital assistant and a necessity for blind people.

Compatible formats:
•Music and Video: MP3, AAC, M4A, WMA, WAV, MP4, M4V.
•Books: DAISY 2.02 and 3.0, AA/AAX from, unprotected EPUB 2.0.1, books from NLS & Bookshare.
•Text: TXT & DOC.


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